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“Howdy Modi”: a celebration of the world’s largest and the world’s oldest democracies.


On the morning Sun, Sep 22nd, the bright Texas sun shone its light on the NRG stadium to bless the merger of the American and India right.  Two charismatic leaders, both with an equally impressive rise to power, put forth a united front to fight the specter of Islamic terror and enhance the co-operation between the United States of America and the Republic of India.  As someone who has followed the rise of Sri Narendra Modi and Donald Trump, it is remarkable how different the two leaders yet one cannot deny their similarities.  Donald Trump hailing from one of the wealthiest families in America, rose to occupy the highest office in America, when he was upset at the establishment politicians who had mired America in senseless wars, trade deals that favored everyone but America and at ineffectual enforcement of laws that left America’s gates wide open for anyone who could walk to come in call it home. Trump’s ability to call a spade a spade and his business acumen ensured he was vaulted to power by everyday Americans who felt their politicians were too busy representing the special interests and not them.

           Narendra Modi rise to power from his humble origins as the son of grocers, to the Chief Minister of the most enterprising and business, focused state in India, Gujrat has been steeped in experiences that destined this former “Chai-Walla” (tea-seller) to the head the government of India. 

Modi’s proved his mettle under the draconian, autocratic rule of Indira Gandhi, by leading the “Gujrat Lok Sangarsh Samiti” which led the opposition of the despotic rule of the erstwhile Congress government.  This event set him on a collision course with the powers to be.  While in hiding he traveling all across the northern states of India, sparking righteous dissent among the people of India who were determined to throw-out the totalitarian Gandhi using the only power at their disposal, the power to vote.

As someone who admires both the leaders, I registered to attend the event and showed up at the NRG (Read “Energy”) stadium in the Oil & Gas capital of the world, Houston.  The attendance of President Trump had an amazing effect, which was the presence of Secret Service all over the stadium. 

Huston Security Checks for HowDy Modi.

The excitement amongst the attendees was unmistakable.  In my ten years in the United States of America, I have never had the good privilege of listening to the chant of “Vande Mataram,” “Modi Modi Modi Modi” and “Jai Hind” at 6:00 AM. Fifty thousand Americans of Indian origin, Americans and Indophiles gathered at NRG stadium to welcome the prime minister of India. 

The event was organized under the umbrella of the Texas India Forum which welcomed many organizations that work for Indian causes, Indian Silicon Valley and the HSS, the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh.  The event chairperson, Jugal Malani worked closely with the partner organizations and the Indian ambassador to the United States, Harsh Vardhan Shringla.  The stadium was colorfully decorated by Indian, American, and State of Texas flags.  The organizers ensured the event started on time and every need of the attendees was tended to.

Indian American Flag

The event was a representation of India’s rise as an economic and geopolitical force to be reckoned with, far from the days of congress rule, where Indian premiers were summoned to Washington D.C at the behest of our troublesome neighbors.  Prime Minister Modi’s arrival was marked by euphoric cries of “Modi “and “Jai Hind” from the thousands in the stands. 

           While the event was not covered by the global leftist media, Fox News showed up to cover the event and present an unbiased view to the American public.  In the last few days, the leftist media was happy to dismiss the event as an aberration and introduction of Hindutva to America, objective and unbiased readers are to note the event was a microcosm of the various diverse groups that make up India.  Dawoodi Bohra Muslims, Sikhs, Christians attended the event in full force and entire stands were full of the minorities who the left claims Modi is oppressing.  Many like Mahailas,’ Dawoodi Bohra Muslims who had emigrated from Dhaka, echoed the sentiment that Modi was good for India and both the communities.  “We have come collectively as a religious Bohra community to support Modi, that we are peace-loving Muslims,” said Rashida.  “So far, what I have seen, he has done pretty good to all of the communities, I believe,” said, Quaid Mahuwala.

           The prime minister addressed the Kashmiri Pandit community right after landing in Houston and met with many representatives.  Dr. Tej Pandita, a representative of the Kashmiri Pandit community, was enthusiastic in his praise of the BJP’s recent action to abrogate the regressive article 370 which prioritized the Sunni muslim community, while hurting the Shias, the Dawoodi Bohras, the Bakarwals, the Buddhists, Arghons, Argon, Bakarwal, Balti, Basith, Batwal, Bhand, Bhao, Bhawpal, Bomba, Brokpa, Burusho, Changpa, Chhimba, Dogra, Dogra Rajput, Domaal , Gurjar, Kamlak, Kashmiri Hindus, Kesarwani, Khakha, Kho , Kichlu, Langeh, Maliar, Meghwal, Mian , Rattal, Saryara and Shina people. The interests of the groups listed above were sacrificed for appeasement politics that contributed to the economic ruin of the Jammu & Kashmir economy.  It is therefore not surprising that the attendees who were beaming with smiles were the Kashmiris.

Feeling of Content on the faces of Kashmiri Hindus

The economic impact of the visit is expected to be in the tens of billions of dollars further entwining the two great civilizations. 

The Prime Minister gave a rousing speech that was interrupted by standing ovation at many instances during the speech but the moment that won over the audience including the two dozen American elected officials joined Trump and Modi for the event, including Republican Representative Pete Olson of Texas, who has long been close to India; Democratic Representatives Al Green and Sheila Jackson Lee, whose nearby districts are home to many Indian Americans; and Democratic Representative Raja Krishnamoorthy of Illinois, the only Indian American member of Congress in attendance, was when Prime Minister Modi introduced President Trump to his family.

The economic impact of the visit is expected to boost the economy of Houston, Texas and create jobs in other parts of the United States, at a time when there is a looming threat of an economic slowdown.  President Trump and Prime Minister Modi spoke in one tune when they talked about the threat of terrorist groups fueled by enemies of India, The United States of America and Israel.  It is thus not surprising that people were drawn to their feet and showered President Trump and Prime Minister Modi for their resolve to combat terrorism.

The event can be summed up best in one picture, the leaders of the free world, walking hand in hand, offering their respective citizens the promise of prosperity, security, and unity,

Modi and Trump go hand in hand.

something the left-wing politicians don’t seem to comprehend.  People are drawn to the power of positivity, stoic resolve to tackle challenges head-on and not illogical, ill-advised measures that the democrats in the US and the congress in India seem to offer as an alternative.  I would like to emphatically tell them, this is the new India, we don’t want schemes, we want a shot at greatness and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Trump offered that and more, not just for India and America but for the entire world we call home.

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