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Movie review: Ram ki Janmabhoomi


As the title suggests, this one dead with a controversial issue. As with most such movies, this one also had a tilt, I just wasn’t sure about which side will this one tilt in favor of. But the very fact that this movie is hardly heard of, made me watch it.

Here is the trailer if you haven’t even watch it yet:

Set in the 1989-1991 period, this one deals with a few protagonists (primarily, Mr. Shastri played by Manoj Joshi) who believe that there was a Mandir at the site of Babri Structure and therefore, it should be rebuilt. They try collecting donations and create awareness to get it done in a peaceful/cordial manner.

Poster of the Film

Then there is the opposite side (mainly, Mr. Jaafar played by Govind Namdev), who are aggressive right from their entry. It is shown that this side is funded by Pak and take instructions from them periodically over telephone.

Things go out of control and the Babri structure gets demolished and Mr. Shastri gets arrested.

Official poster. Point to be noted is It is a Film by Waseem Rizvi

Here comes another protagonist in this movie- Mr. Waseem Rizvi (played by himself)- who arranges Mr. Shastri’s bail, in addition to trying to talk sense to Mr. Jaafar and create public awareness about why Muslim brothers should not oppose the building of a Ram temple at the Janmabhoomi. 

There are multiple subplots- dealing with the issues of Instant Triple-Talaq, Nikaah-Halala (leading to suicide of the victim) and the differing stands and beliefs of the Shia and Sunni sects. An interesting mention of a sect of ‘half-Hindus and half-Muslims’ called Hussaini Brahmins was done by Mr. Rizvi, which was something new I got to know about.

I forgot to add the multiple attempts that were made on assassinating Mr. Shastri, planned and  paid-for by Mr. Jaafar. Also, there was a TV-reporter shot dead by his men. Mr. Rizvi’s was a target too by his shooters, but he got away unscathed (courtesy his armed security).

It is a below average production, probably due to the budget constraints. 

Plot wise, it was no doubt a PR job for Mr. Rizvi (did I mention that he was the Producer too?)- a decent one at that.

As it was released in March 2019, right before the 2019 general elections, some may call it a one-side’s propaganda movie. But well, we have been exposed to Parzania and Firaaq- interested parties can look at their release dates and check if there were any elections around that time.

Some of this movie’s reviewer have objected saying that this is factually inaccurate/incomplete- well, I happen to know about a certain Article-15, which may have got more than a few facts wrong.

Acting wise, Manoj Joshi and Govind Namdev are excellent in their respective roles- which could have been meatier under the penmanship of a better writer. Mr. Rizvi is as stone-faced as he could have been, with very poor body language and dialogue delivery. The fact that he is clearly not an actor works well in this case, giving the movie more ingenuity. 

The rest of the cast have delivered a little below what we will call a sub-par performance.

Overall, if you like such movies, please watch it (especially as the SC Verdict over the Ram Janmabhoomi Case may potentially come in a few weeks, this will be a good refresher). Don’t expect highly skilled editing/cinematography, because you won’t find those here.

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