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Secular Jawahar v/s Communal Patel

This is a work of Sarcasm. So, the people or animals who don’t understand sarcasm just leave the website right now.

Jawahar Lal Nehru errr Sorry Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was the biggest Statesman India has ever produced. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was also the biggest Pandit (A Title given to a well read and well informed person) as well. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was the self proclaimed Pandit as this title was never given to him but still Jawahar Lal Nehru loved calling himself a Pandit.

Jawahar Lal Nehru was the biggest lover of India and Indians. He used to love being with Indians all the time, as he felt Indians are inspiring and make him feel good. This was the chief reason Jawahar chose to become a freedom fighter.

The love for Indians made Jawahar Lal write a letter to his father when he was studying in Cambridge. In the letter he wrote, “My chief Reason for wishing to go to Oxford is not any ardent desire on my part to get an oxford degree. Cambridge is becoming too full of INDIANS, inspite of the fact that the position of Indians is becoming more and more impossible every year. Oxford is still suppose to be a better place in that respect. Besides I really feel so tired of Cambridge.”

“If No decent college at Oxford will take me, I fall back on Cambridge. I shall have no difficulty about that. All I have to do is to go up there next term.”

Book: Selected works of Jawahar Lal Nehru

Nehru who hated Indians that much that he didn’t want to study with Indians, larger number of Indians make him uncomfortable. Despite that Nehru was hailed by Left leaning writers of that time.

While on the other hand there was Sardar Patel who kept India united. But Sardar Patel was projected as someone who is communal, someone who is Hindu fundamentalist.


As put by Noorani, ” In Hyderabad, Patel turned a blind eye to the massacre of Muslims, in Kashmir, he defended the RSS when Nehru complained of its activities; in post-Partition Delhi, he insisted that there was widespread anger about Muslims being allowed to go about openly in the streets, eventually going on to protest Nehru’s view that Muslim refugees who evacuated their homes should be allowed to return. Even in inviting the Hindu Mahasabha and RSS to join the Congress, Patel is reported to have said those who “ride on two horses” will have to go to Pakistan.

Patel was clear in his view that Muslims have demanded a separate nation and the Muslims who want to stay in India even they helped them in creating Pakistan. Then how come Muslims who chose to staying in India developed love for India overnight?

Listen to Patel’s View on Hindu Rashtra and Muslims staying in India.

Jawahar Lal became a statesman overnight when he gave a statement in Parliament that,”Let China take Aksai Chin not a single blade of grass grows there.”

About the loss of Aksai Chin, Nehru is reported to have said in Parliament “not a single blade of grass grows there.” Mahavir Tyagi, a senior Congress leader, pointed to his bald head and said: “Nothing grows here … should it be given away to somebody else?”

But Sardar Patel on the other hand could never became a statesman because he kept India united and he even said, “He won’t spare a single inch of Kashmir.”

Check the video where Patel said he won’t give away a single inch of land of Kashmir.

Had Patel said that he was happy to lose Kashmir he would have become a statesman as well. Media would be hailing Patel by writing articles in appreciation. Pakistan’s leading newspaper ‘Dawn’ would write an article with the heading “What India owes to Sardar Patel.” And congress wouldn’t have wasted a single minute in conferring Patel the highest honour of India- Bharat Ratan.

But Patel chose to wait for Bharat Ratan and only in 1991 he got his due. And rest other things never happened to Patel. Patel remained the communal poster boy and Nehru enjoyed the Secular seat. Nehru is hailed by secular congressmen while Patel’s statue is being built by communal Modi and his BJP. Nehru is called a statesman while Patel is not.

I wish if Patel were a little secular he would have gotten his due.

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