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When two Nuclear powers fight World face the consequence.

Imran Khan the Prime Minister of United Nations errr The Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan gave a 50 minute long speech at United Nations. In the speech he talked about 4 problems. To define these four problems he took fifty minutes, khuda khair kare he didn’t discuss other problems he and his country are facing. If he would have discussed 10,77,63,786 problems that Pakistan are facing then Imran might have taken three reincarnations (which is haram in Islam) to complete his speech.

Imran Khan started his speech with a statement that, “I would have chosen not to come here as I have huge problems at hand in my country, but still I came to tell the whole world about Islam and how the whole world is conspiring against Islam. How western world write a book against their beloved Prophet which irks the 1.2 Bn Muslims of the world, and then they don’t even get the justice, so just like Hollywood movies Muslims pick up arms and deliver the justice.”

Wow that’s what we call romanticizing the terrorism. Justice not delivered so you pick up the arms and get the justice by doing the injustice? Who did you kill in terror attacks? Did anyone kill the guy who wrote that book or did you kill those guys who had nothing to do with that book? The example of Hollywood Movie you gave where the protagonist was not given the justice so he took arms in his hands and started killing ‘those’ who were perpetrators, but in case of Radical Islamic Terrorism if A has done injustice to them then they kill B, C, D,E, F, G and possibly ‘H’ as well. And how on Earth they believe that only they are facing discrimination and only they are not given justice? A lot of other religions got injustice in the past and even in present but they don’t pick arms for example Kashmiri Hindus or Jews. So, Imran Khan should stop romanticizing TERRORIM.

Imran Khan Listening to “Guns and Roses”

Imran Khan tried to lecture the whole world Including America, Europe, India about the injustice they are doing to the Muslims and there is nothing called “Radical Islam.” He said In the garb of ‘this phrase (Radical Islam)’ they are making the whole world Islamophobic.

But Pakistan forgets to see what is happening to the Muslims in China. He never mentions what is happening to the Muslims in a nation from where they are getting their maximum aid.

Further, Imran Khan in his speech tells how to take care of Minorities, he even gave an example of Madina and said a Jew got justice even against 4th Khaleefa.

But Pakistan must tell this to the whole world that what was the population of minorities (Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Ahmadis, Shias) in 1947 and what is their collaborated population now? Pakistan must also tell this to the whole world that it is totally okay to call Hindus dogs in their amazingly crafted Oscar Winning films and super humorous  stage dramas.

You Must Watch these three parts.

Imran Khan further added to his speech that, “Out of the total tax that we collect half of it we pay to those countries from where our previous governments have taken loan. How will we survive like this? So rich countries must help the poor.”

Yes, Indeed. United Nations must help this nation which is growing at a GDP Growth Rate of 2%. It is our responsibility to save them. We give them loan and they breed terrorist with it or create nuclear bomb through loan’s money and then threaten the whole world that we have terrorists and nuclear bomb.

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