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Kanhaiya Kumar From Bihar to Tihad 2.0?

It was 28th of February 2020, Delhi was burning, Hindus and Muslims both were crying, Liberals could only see Muslims’ cry. International media houses like Wall Street Journals, The caravan magazine were pelting lies like Hindus burnt the petrol pump etc. despite the Owner of the pump says Anti CAA protesters have burnt the Petrol Pump.

What Petrol Pump Owner and its Employees said.

So, all in all pretty much normal things were happening that day. Then in the evening, much to my surprise, Kanhaiya Kumar started trending on all the Social Media websites. I wondered what happened, has he finished his gas Cylinder in one day this time instead of three? I came to know that Delhi Government has given a nod to prosecute Kanhaiya Kumar in JNU sedition case.

I was shocked after reading the headline. The immediate thought that came to my mind was, “Why after 410 days Delhi government has given this permission?” They could have done it earlier, why now?

Seeing the circumstances, I could come to only two conclusions:

  1. Kejriwal wants to change his image from “Musalmano ka Maseeha” to Hanuman Bhakt Hindu who is a Nationalist and thinks what Kanhaiya Kumar did was wrong and against India.
  2. Tahir Hussain Haji member of Aam Aadmi Party, now suspended, was trending and not for positive reasons. He has become the face of Delhi Riots and he is being charged of murdering an IB officer Ankit Sharma.
Musalmano Ka Maseeha Kejriwal posters could be seen in Delhi a couple of Years back.

Tahir Hussain booked for murderhttps://www.msn.com/en-in/news/newsindia/delhi-police-charges-tahir-hussain-with-murder-over-ib-officer-ankit-sharmas-death-aap-suspends-councillor-from-party/ar-BB10tu4n

An admirer of Kanhaiya Kumar, someone who liked the speeches of Kanhaiya Kumar signs the charge-sheet which says Kanhaiya is Anti National. It was something which was not going down the throats of anybody.

To divert all the attention from ‘AAP’, and Tahir Hussain, it looked like, Kejriwal made Kanhaiya a scapegoat. Just like, To divert public’s attention from rising Price of Onions they spread a news of ‘Kala Bandar’. A controversy can only be killed by another controversy.

Kejriwal government could easily remove Sedition charges on Kanhaiya Kumar, but they chose Kanhaiya to pass/fail the litmus test of Indian Courts. But, this move did not go well with Kejriwal’s own support system.

Abusive director Anurag Kashyap asked Kejriwal “Kitne Me Bike”?

Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub said, AAP did the biggest betrayal with Indian’s feelings.

Abhisar Sharma asked Kejriwal to stand and speak. But Arvind Kejriwal was not in a mood to take from someone like Abhisar Sharma. Kejriwal stood and un-followed Abhisar Sharma.

Kejriwal un-followed RJ Sayema for the similar reasons.

Kejriwal was on an Un-following spree. He un-followed a lot of people from the same cadre which Kejriwal belongs. It includes, Side Actress Swara Bhaskar, Former RJ current YouTuber Akash Banerjee, Swati Chaturvedi etc.

Anyone who was even a little critical about Arvind Kejriwal or AAP over Kanhaiya Kumar’s issue, or on Delhi Riots, Kejriwal un-followed them all.

Now that Kejriwal did not remove sedition charges from Kanhaiya, let us take a look what all are the proofs against Kanhaiya that police has and what all could be the possible reasons that Court might let go Kanhaiya. But before that we shall understand the case first.

It all started on the Death Anniversary of JNU Heart-throb Afzal Guru. Just like Arundhati Roy JNUites also feel it was the judicial killing of poor Afzal Guru.

9th February 2016 there was a program organised by the old kids of JNU. They called it “Cultural Evening” and it was against the Judicial Killing of Afzal Guru. Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya were among the RSVPs.

Poster of JNU event 9th Feb 2016.

On this auspicious occasion pupil of JNU were invited to gather in front of Sabarmati Dhaba of JNU to celebrate and chant slogans against India. Some “goons” did not like their celebrations and Anti India chants. So, they called Police, made videos, and filed FIRs.

Police started working on the case and three years later in January 2019 they came up with a 1200 page charge-sheet against 10 students of JNU. These 10 students include Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, and Anirban Bhattacharya among others. As per police Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya are the main conspirators. This charge-sheet was stuck with Delhi government ever since. Finally it has seen the daylight.

Now, let us look at what this charge-sheet says which can lead some of them, if not all, to jail:

  1. Police had registered the wordings of 90 eye-witnesses. Which includes 3 Policemen who were present there in civil dress, a cameraman and reporter of Zee News, and JNU Staff on duty. The eyewitnesses have confirmed Kanhaiya’s presence at the sight where anti India slogans were raised.
  2. The charge-sheet says there is no video proof of raising Anti India slogans against Kanhaiya Kumar but it clearly says that there is a video proof of against Umar Khalid.
  3. In 2016, when this controversy irrupted, NDTV tried to propagate that all the videos which have come in this regards are all fake. But police have confirmed that they have 10 videos, describing what all that happened there. And all these videos have passed their tests in the forensic labs.
  4. A text message is also playing a very crucial role here. This text message was sent by Umar Khalid to Kanhaiya but when the controversy irrupted Umar and Kanhaiya both have deleted the text message. Police has recovered this text as well. We don’t know what was written in that text but anyone can assume that it only got deleted because it was not appropriate.
  5. Police has analysed all the posters and the social media posts of these 10 people.
  6. The charge-sheet says Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya shared a lot of E-mails between them. Some of the e-mails said “Free Kashmir from Indian Occupation.”

While on the west side, there are some loopholes as well. These people or some of these people will exploit them in court:

  1. While on one hand there are people who are saying Kanhaiya was there when Anti India slogans were raised, but on the hind side BJP MP from Laddakh’s wife, who was the batch-mate of Kanhaiya, says Kanhaiya was not present there.
  2. The lawyer who is appointed to prove the charges against Kanhaiya is an admirer of Kanhaiya.

3. In 1995 Supreme Court said sloganeering can not be the bases of Sedition. In 1995 someone raised Khalistan Zindabad slogans and court has set him free. Now we have to see if Khalistan Zindabad and Bharat Tere Tukde Honge has the same gravity or not.

Kanhaiya might save himself from Indian Courts, but will the Indian people forgive him for his speeches where he said, “Indian Army rapes women in Kashmir? Or the way he tried to protect people who support Afzal Guru. This will remain the biggest question.

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