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Why Foreign Media is “So Anti India”? AKTK


The deadly Delhi riots are over and now Delhi is getting back to normalcy. But the shoddy coverage has not stopped in the Media. Giving the riots a color of pogrom seems to be the Plan and the front runners in this are the Media of the countries which hardly know the demographics of India.

And a disheartened Tusshar Kapoor, called the spade a spade. He called the foreign Media a FAKE Media.

In normal world, its the Freedom of speech, But we live in a world where everything seems to be Black or White, Anti or Pro. And it irked the Anti CAA group. Farah Khan, seen dictating Tusshar Kapoor that people DIED in the riots and it was not fake.

But did Tusshar said People did not die? He actually said, the coverage was one sided and Now check the coverage from different Foreign Media Houses for Delhi Riots 2020.

What?. Every damn Media House is covering the Muslim victims and leaving the Hindu victims on side. And is not it what Tusshar Kapoor said exactly? When the Face of the RIOT is a man called Shahrukh who was openly doing the shootout and when the AAP leader Tahir Hussain was running the FACTORY of terror with Petrol Bombs, Stones, Acid and what not, How can you forget to report it?

And which simply means it was done on purpose. But did it happen for the first time by the foreign Media?. No, Its a regular feature. During Modi 1.O, it was reported by these same papers that 98% of the lynchings from 2010-2018 with Muslims has happened under Modi’s Regime and their source was India Spend’s hate tracker data, which was Deleted just after 2019 elections by them claiming the data was Faulty.

In 2018, Modi was on the tour of UK, but BBC and The Guardian were busy proving India “The Rape capital” of the world.

And this is when, the Rape rate per 100000 women is higher in their country than in India. In Ireland, almost 11 women get raped in 1 Lakh.

But why these foreign media houses do all this propaganda?. Well every media house and country have their own Agenda, But let me give some examples.

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom is a US govt organisation which checks the religious freedom around the world, for US ofcorse. It makes a report for all countries every year, which is then used by the Leaders of US to raise the “Human rights Issues” in the respective country.

The report of Year 2019 about India contains the topic of NRC. But when we open the report, all the sources are from the media house we have discussed above. So, its very simple, These articles are written in a way, so that the leader of the country can use it to counter the OTHER country on Human Rights issues.

Other channels like Al Jazeera too do the same. Qatar as a country is very rich, and so, has Geopolitical wishes, but can not dominate the world with Military, or by Market, because population is Just 30 Lakh and have nothing but OIL as industry. But it has another power- Media in the form of Al Jazeera. How this channel become so powerful, will cover it some other day, but do you know how powerful it is?

Al Jazeera reported chemical attacks in Syria, with in days, US did the airstrike in Syria without verifying. And till now there is no proof of the same.

What else do you need as a political power? You get governments toppled, airstrikes on countries without firing a single shot yourself. And this is the same agenda followed for India too. The fake lynchings reports, One sided reports on Riots- All to take India on backfoot internationally on the human rights issues. This is exactly what Geopolitical power means, Isn’t it?

But how do they look unbiased?. If an Arab Muslim report about ISRAEL, he looks Biased. So hire a American Jew for reports on ISRAEL

Hire an ARAB American to show the Islamophobia in America

Or Hire an Indian grown up in UK, Mehandi Hassan to report on India:

And the same strategy works all around the world. Washington post has Barkha Dutt and Rana Ayyub writing on India. But why do they do this? Do they get paid?. Well, a senior journalist of the Pioneer said a few days ago that he was offered 1500 USD per article to write on religious line on delhi Riots and he also said the similar offers go to other Journalists also.

And this is how it all works. But does it make India weak Internationally?. yes it does. Is it a Modi Government Failure? Yes it seems, because even Pakistan is getting big budget pushing in US media via its Lobby in US and getting its agenda on Kashmir Pushed

Now this is how and why the international media runs its propaganda. Its time we realize and stand against it to reclaim what India stands for.

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