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Mr. PM. Narendra Modi , Quitting social media

On 2 nd of march 2020 PM Modi shocked the world by tweeting from his twitter handle that
he is going to quit all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
YouTube. On this tweet total 51.1K retweets and total 187.1K have come till now.

Narendra Modi wrote:
“This Sunday, thinking of giving up my social media accounts on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. Will keep you all posted.”

After this tweet suddenly Twitter India started trending with ‘Dear PM’, ‘Quit’, ‘MODI JI’,
Man Ki Baat, #NoSir, #NoModiNoTwitter. Whole India started pleading Modi Ji don’t quit the social media. All were puzzled that what
made Modi Ji to quit the social media. Is he so sad after dirty politics by opposition or is he
so angry that all poisoned leftist liberals shamed India all over the world by their fake
narratives? But no one had any clue what exactly happened.

When whole India was rejoicing the US Prez Trump’s visit and his warm speeches for India,
few radicalized elements were planning to create chaos in Delhi.

We really need to understand why was it all happened? As we all know that many political
parties are against CAA and NRC. Many are unhappy with PM Modi and his fan followings all
over the world. Many are unhappy because of his landslide victory and second term as PM.
They all wanted to embarrass PM Modi as during Donald Trump’s visit whole world was
eager to know about India and Trump’s love for PM Modi.

For opposition and many other radicalized elements, it was perfect time to shame PM Modi.
They all planned well and suddenly Delhi was under attack. Many perceived this riot as
Hindu Muslim religious clash. Few media houses and Political personalities blamed Delhi
police by saying that the police are siding with one group either by looking away or by
abetting and sometimes even directly participating in the violence.

Situation become grave and violent. At least 45 people were killed. Many houses and
shops were burned down by the rioters. West Delhi and South East Delhi were the
regions most affected by rumor-mongering in Delhi on Sunday when false
information about violence and tension in the national capital spread like the wild fire.
Panicked people called the Delhi Police out of fear. Police received 1,880 distress
calls on Sunday and 3000 distressed calls on Monday.

Domestic media perceived the violence as clash between groups opposed to and in
support of the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act. While biased International
media depicted riot between Hindu and Muslim, and claimed it was planned pogrom
to wipe out Muslims, which is completely fake narrative.

But definitely this whole CAA protest drama and Delhi riot damaged the image of
India which PM Modi wanted to send the world. Was PM Modi was upset over Delhi riot? Definitely he was upset as Delhi was beyond recognition. Many started
comparing Delhi with Syria and many compared it with 2002 Gujarat riot. Whatever it
was it shamed India.

Social media was flooded with request to Modi ji don’t go, while many anti Modi
elements were celebrating and asking for resignation. Many anti Modi elements
demanded not only social media quit the PM chair too.

Few tweets to be noticed: –
Modi supporters;

kudrati mojito with twitter handle @desimojito wrote:
“Bol do yeh jhooth hai Modi ji.”

THE SKIN DOCTOR with twitter handle @theskindoctor13 wrote:
“Modiji how many retweets for you to drop this idea?”

Hindu Americans with twitter handle @HinduAmericans wrote:
“Time for Indians to develop their own platforms for media. Otherwise, Indians will
never have control of the narrative and are powerless to stop anti-Indian lies and
extremism that stokes hatred of Indian people.”

Noticeable People who wrote against Modi:

Rahul Gandhi with twitter handle @RahulGandhi wrote:
“Give up hatred, not social media accounts”

Elizabeth Seshadri with twitter handle @lizsesh wrote
“Kursi bhi chod de yaar.”

Kapil with twitter handle @kapsology wrote:
Social media accounts nahi balki nikammapan choddo dramebaaz

Nенr_wно™ (Strange name s/he has) with twitter handle @Nehr_who
“Happiest day for social media users”

Arnav Goswami also had debate in his news room over this tweet about quitting social
media by PM Modi on Republic world news channel. AAJ Tak, Zee News, NDTV, Times Now
and many other tried to solve the mystery behind this tweet.

Few said Twitter is biased as it keeps suspending accounts which talk in favor of India while
it has never till now suspended accounts of those who are anti India. Few speculated
whether Modi Ji is going to introduce new Made in India social website same as China has.
Few said Modi ji wanted to show anger towards anti India lobby which published fake news
about India for running its image.

Many said if Modi ji will quit, we will quit too and will join social media platform introduced
by Modi ji. Such love people of India have for Modi ji.

But then again PM Modi tweeted from his Twitter handle.
Narendra Modi )@narendramodi)
“This Women’s Day, I will give away my social media accounts to women whose life & work inspire us. This will help them ignite motivation in millions.
Are you such a woman or do you know such inspiring women? Share such stories using


So, Modi was quitting his social media account and he will hand over his account for one day
to the lady who will inspire him. He also asked everyone to come up with such inspiring
story which can motivate the society for Greater Good.

All I can say “Modi ji rocked; World shocked”.

The Article is written by Deepika with twitter handle @ArtisticDeepika (https://twitter.com/ArtisticDeepika)

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