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The roar of Hinduism against Dravidam in Tamil Nadu.


Tamil Nadu is a Natural Hindu state with strongly rooted dharmic psyche ingrained in people. But, for the past Fifty years, Tamils are fooled in the name of Dravidian idealogy, though Tamils didn’t take all their idealogy seriously, but Dravidian parties were elected due to lack of choice. Hindu reaction is always there in Tamil Nadu. After the Coimbatore bomb blast, BJP led NDA won majority of seats(32/40) in TN. The Hindu reaction in TN always benefits the Soft-Hindutuva parties like AIADMK and then Congress(O). Now, this Hindu reaction will defeat Anti-Hindu DMK in 2021. DMK and it’s parent organisation DK hit the potraits of Lord Ram and other Hindu Gods with slippers in 1971 Salem conference of DK. Former CM karuna questioned in which Engineering College did Lord Ram studied to construct Ram Sethu? Hindu means theif says Former CM Karunanidhi. DMK run Sun TV and Kalaignar TV doesn’t wish Hindus on Festival days, they run shows titled “Holidays Special Show” instead of the festival name, all these are just Tip of an iceberg on how DMK hates Hindus. After the death of Jayalalithaa, many fringe groups indulged in outright disrespect of Hinduism, one such fringe group is a Youtube Channel named “Karuppar Kootam” run by DK and DMK sympatisers. The notorious Youtube Channel Karuppar Kootam always indulge in mocking Hindu gods. Recently, these fringes dared to insult Tamil God Murugan aka Kartikeya. Murugan is not just a God, he is a cultural icon of Tamil Nadu. Karuppar Kootam mocked the devotional hymn “Kanda Shasthi Kavasam” dedicated to Lord Murugan. Entire Tamil Nadu rose in rage and despite lockdown, common people who have immense faith in Lord Murugan came to streets and recited the hymn and people across all the sections of society demanded the arrest of Surender Natarajan of karuppar kootam Youtube Channel. The viscous agenda of DMK backed Karuppar kootam came to limelight after Tamil Vlogger and Nationalist Maridhas exposed the links that Karuppar kootam and other media houses in TN have with Anti-Hindu elements. Maridhas Youtube Channel “Maridhas Answers” did the job of creating an awarness to the people of TN.

The efforts of Maridhas started to pay, Surendran Natarajan of Karuppar Kootam changed his identity completely by shaving off his mustache and beard. Spinless Surendran Natarajan has to change his look completely and surrendered to Police in UT of Pondicherry and not in TN. Karuppar Kootam very well acknowledges the severe backlash they got for insulting Hindu gods. Goondas Act is enforced on Surendran Natarajan. Anti-Hindu DMK which is an established party that is in Electoral politics cannot afford to lose the votes of the Majority community. Without any iota of shame DMK says their party is not against Hindus and their party is the most pro-Hindu party in India. Lord Murugan is God of wars, Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Geeta says he belongs to Skanda Army in Armies. Lord Murugan has waged a war on all anti-Hindu outfits in Tamil Nadu through his faithful devotees and we are on a part to regain the lost glory of Tamil Nadu which is land of 12 Alwars, 63 Nayanmars and 18 siddhars who guided the people on Spirituality. In 2021, history would be written as DMK lost the poll on the plank of it’s being Anti-Hindu.

Jai Hind.

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